Protecting Our First Responders

September 21, 2020

The news bombards us with stories of cyber crime, illegal immigrant crime, gang violence, missing persons, people being held hostage, school shootings, riots with active shooters and criminal profiling. With today’s social climate, our First Responders are finding it more difficult than ever to do their jobs, which is to protect Georgia citizens. We’re not sure any police officers education could prepare our police for the actions of rioters coupled with the movement for social justice has made fighting crime more difficult than ever causing many of our first responders to become targets for extremists as they try to protect our state. The heightened state of violence has caused dispatcher stress as our police teams work together to protect our people and our police. By passing HB 838, we made certain that our first responders are protected from being intimidated, harassed, or terrorized simply for doing their jobs through specialized training that improves relationships between our first responders and our community. Trauma’s effects on first responders is a side effect of their duty that deserves redemption, which we strive to offer through ptsd treatment for first responders and ptsd support groups for spouses. Many first responders nonprofits and police foundations raise funds for this cause to give back to the police who have given so much for our communities. Fully funding our law enforcement ensures the protection and safety of our communities, which is our utmost priority. We’ve decided to honor our first responders for their heroic efforts to protect Georgia by initiating first responders day 2020. This day is about first responder support, to help first responders to bring together community police for those who protect and serve us. So, show your support to the police and swat teams by showing service pride and thanking your local law enforcement and police community as we take steps towards protecting our protectors. Are you interested in becoming a 1st responder, police officer in American law enforcement or interested in criminal investigations? Fighting crime starts with degrees for police officers to equip emergency responders for the duty and honor of protecting our state on the front lines. Get involved with a first responder network to meet the precincts that are police recruiting and hiring police once you’ve completed your education. There are grant applications online and individual grant options for first responder education requirements and leadership trainers thereafter for continuing education opportunities.

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In 2023 the Georgia State Senate District 17 will encompass parts of Walton, Newton, Henry, and Morgan with over 150,000 registered voters. Brian Strickland entered his third full term in the Georgia Senate in 2021. Brian, his wife Lindsay, and their two children reside in McDonough, GA. Through Brian’s leadership position at the capitol where he fights for District 17, and all of Georgia, he has impacted Georgia for the better through various executed actions.  Not only did Brian support the First Responder bill which aids police, firefighter, and EMS personnel but he was a key player in the passing of the Georgia Criminal Justice reform bills and Georgia Surprise Medical bills. Above and beyond that, Brian labored to bring funding to Southern Crescent Technical College making it one of the top technical schools in Georgia and is constantly raising the bar in the fight against human trafficking.

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