brian strickland

I wanted to thank everyone once more for supporting me throughout my re-election campaign. My wife Lindsay and I are truly grateful for your vote. I’m excited to continue representing District 17 at the State Capitol! 

I wanted to take a moment to share what I’ve been working on since winning the election. Your representatives convened for a special session of the General Assembly this week. We are taking up bills that will address relief for the farmers in south Georgia dealing with the aftermath of the hurricane. In particular, we are providing additional funds to local governments and state agencies to help with clean up and also looking at tax credits to address the long-term impact of the loss experienced by our timber farmers.

The General Election has been the main focus over the past few weeks, so it’s necessary for us all to remember the devastation our state endured during Hurricane Michael. How can you, your place of work, church, or surrounding community help those affected by the storm? I encourage you to not wait for your government officials and local representatives to organize relief efforts and to take initiative where you can! Whether you choose to gather funds, send supplies, or organized something more involved—every little bit helps.  

I will continue to update you on what’s happening in District 17 and at the Capitol. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to interact with me. Feel free to message me with your concerns and how I can better represent you. Thank you for reading. 

~Sen. Brian Strickland, District 17